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about map data... Centered at 114 10' 51'', 22 25' 47'',
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My Parents At Mai Po Photographers In A Blind Little Egret On Floating Boardwalk Pair Of Pied Avocet Elevated Boardwalk In Mangroves Russet Percher Claira Walking On Beach Walking On Boardwalk Little Ringed Plover Pair Of Pied Avocet Floating Boardwalk Lotus Flower Photographers In A Blind Red-whiskeredBulbul Red Flanked Bluetail In Forest Running On The Paths Russet Percher Blowing Pinwheels Girls At Playground Ocypode Cordimana Flying Down The Beach Black Eared Kite Fisherman Pulling Up Net Claira Climbing To Upper Floor Ann Watching The Cliffs Go By Pair On Surface One Blowing Dumbo Ride In Air Produce Market Bird Market City View At Night Street Market Near Helens Grandparents View Of Central New Years Market At Night Hong Kong Banyan Tree Lanterns And Incense At Man Mo Nara And Claira Looking At Bagged Fish Crazy Sunrise Kids Balloons For Sale After Snacktime Baby With Peal Nara Claira Biking With Two International Finance Centre Sign Maker Brazing Character Outlines Ferry Terminal In Kowloon Demo Tank Of Corals Hong Kong Banyan Tree Nara At The Bird Market Helen And Nara In Gondola Crazy Sunrise Kids Nara With Flowers In The Background Blowing Pinwheels Mainland Tourists On Beach Girls At Playground Some Light Green Fern Standing At Lookout View From Dragon Back Synchronized Jump Ocypode Cordimana Flying Down The Beach Black Eared Kite Fisherman Pulling Up Net
Solo Sitting In Low Tree Solo Sitting In Low Tree
John Harvey Photo > Solo Sitting In Low Tree

Start Of Hike Start Of Hike
John Harvey Photo > Start Of Hike

Macaques At Shelter Macaques At Shelter
John Harvey Photo > Macaques At Shelter

Hiking By Dam Hiking By Dam
John Harvey Photo > Hiking By Dam

Troupe Comes Down Road Troupe Comes Down Road
John Harvey Photo > Troupe Comes Down Road

Young Monkey On Branch Young Monkey On Branch
John Harvey Photo > Young Monkey On Branch

Macaque Portrait Macaque Portrait
John Harvey Photo > Macaque Portrait

Baby With Peal Baby With Peal
John Harvey Photo > Baby With Peal

Red-whiskeredBulbul Red-whiskeredBulbul
John Harvey Photo > Red-whiskeredBulbul

Common Tailorbird This bird is quite a bit higher than me in the tree. The nifty features (red top, green back) and sadly mostly out of view. There were several of these birds in this stand of coral tree but they move quickly.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2016 to 2005 > Hong Kong 11 > Common Tailorbird