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Penguins Walking By Wooden Door Bright Spot In Forest Covered Road Claira Climbing Wall Eating Cookies Under Cherry Blossoms Ladybug Racing Statues Looking Over Shinjuku Chuo Park View From Marks Deck Nijubashi Bridge at the Imperial Palace Nara Watching Pygmy Hippopotamus Swim By Statue In Ameya Yokocho In Front Of Senso Ji Thunder Gate Hozo Mon Four Story Restaurant In Shibuya Invader Tiles In Shibuya Rainbow Ice Cream Cone Entrance To Fish Market Wheel Closeup
Bright Spot In Forest Covered Road Bright Spot In Forest Covered Road
John Harvey Photo > Bright Spot In Forest Covered Road

Torii To Meiji Shrine Meiji Shrine is one of the "big parks" in Tokyo. We heard it had cherry blossoms, but those turned out to be on the other side of a very large park.
Tags: Japan, torii
John Harvey Photo > Torii To Meiji Shrine

New Copper Roof They were in the process of replacing the roof in the temple complex. The shinny roof made everything look new.
Tags: Japan, roof
John Harvey Photo > New Copper Roof

Ladybug Racing Statues Ladybug Racing Statues
Tags: Japan, Tokyo
John Harvey Photo > Ladybug Racing Statues

Cherry Blossom Over Wall Cherry Blossom Over Wall
John Harvey Photo > Cherry Blossom Over Wall

Wooden Door Wooden Door
John Harvey Photo > Wooden Door

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
John Harvey Photo > Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Close To Low Flowers Close To Low Flowers
John Harvey Photo > Close To Low Flowers

Nara Hot From Climbing Nara Hot From Climbing
John Harvey Photo > Nara Hot From Climbing

Claira Climbing Wall Claira Climbing Wall
John Harvey Photo > Claira Climbing Wall