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about map data... Centered at 139 42' 31'', 35 41' 14'',
Map Width: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
29685m per pixel
14842m per pixel
7421m per pixel
3710m per pixel
1855m per pixel
 Map Height:
Beach At Shek O Across Hoan Kiem Lake Anchored At Night Fiber Drying Common Kingfisher Barn Swallow Resting Nara With Window And Small Trunk Entrance To Fish Market Floating Arch O-torii Kaimon-dakeFrom Nagasaki-bana Glowing Waterfall Us At Volcano Amano Spit Castle With Swans Climbing Toward Castle Golden Statue Rotemburo On Our Deck Barn Out In Fields Claira Climbing Banjo Falls And Bridge Incense Burning Helen In The Bow Coming Up To Turtle Island Over The Shoulder Vendor
Claira Has Small Boat Claira Has Small Boat
John Harvey Photo > Claira Has Small Boat

Helen At The Beach Helen At The Beach
John Harvey Photo > Helen At The Beach

Human Power Fish Sculpture Human Power Fish Sculpture
Tags: art, fish, Japan
John Harvey Photo > Human Power Fish Sculpture

Steamed Buns At Market Steamed Buns At Market
John Harvey Photo > Steamed Buns At Market

Citrus At Market Citrus At Market
John Harvey Photo > Citrus At Market

Entrance To Disney Sea Entrance To Disney Sea
John Harvey Photo > Entrance To Disney Sea

Claira On Gondola Ride We didn't get out on the water as much as I wanted. Our last ride was a gondola style ride through Venice style canals.
Tags: boat, Japan
John Harvey Photo > Claira On Gondola Ride

Climbing Bridge In Gondola Area Climbing Bridge In Gondola Area
Tags: Japan
John Harvey Photo > Climbing Bridge In Gondola Area

Claira Ready To Ride Claira Ready To Ride
John Harvey Photo > Claira Ready To Ride

Nara Relaxed Rider Nara Relaxed Rider
John Harvey Photo > Nara Relaxed Rider