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Fort Langley Campfire At Sunset
394 Frames. The exposure kind of falls apart at the end so I had to do the blend two frames trick to stop the flickering.
John Harvey Photo > Fort Langley Campfire At Sunset

Second Night Campfire
642 Frames - started at roughly 1/4 of a second every 10 seconds, ended at 8 seconds every 10 seconds. I used silent mode that prevent you from seeing the exposure as it shoots (but is much quieter. I had to change the exposure on most of the frames to get the exposure to run smoothly and even then it was a bit of a mess.

Most of the kids are from the other tent's.

Tags: fire, fort, sunset

John Harvey Photo > Second Night Campfire

Orangy Sunset
Orangy Sunset
Tags: fort, sunset

John Harvey Photo > India > Jaisalmer And Camel Safari > Orangy Sunset