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Bright Lights On Photos
Bright Lights On Photos
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2019 to 2005 > December 2005 > Bright Lights On Photos

Radishes On Wooden Box
Radishes On Wooden Box
John Harvey Photo > John's Overnight Page > Gabriola > Radishes On Wooden Box

Black Sand With Bubbly Water
The contrast on this shot was crazy - I wound up shooting it manually to get the correct exposure.
John Harvey Photo > Costa Rica > Black Sand With Bubbly Water

Helen Looking Up Mushroom
The contrast and natural vignetting in this photo really makes me happy. Can't say I planned it, but perhaps I'll look for this lighting more often.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2019 to 2005 > September 2009 > Helen Looking Up Mushroom

Ferry Off Bainbridge Island
The contrast here is crazy - Digital Cameras back in the day used to really have problems with this kind of scene.
John Harvey Photo > Blogs for 2019 to 2005 > November 2009 > Ferry Off Bainbridge Island