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Banded Tree Brown
This butterfly really liked this rock. The rock was in the middle of the meadow and lots of people walked by. The butterfly would sometimes take off, only to turn around and return back to almost the same spot.
Species: Lethe confusa (banded treebrown)

John Harvey Photo > Banded Tree Brown

Blue Tiger
At first I didn't realize there there were a variety of "Tiger"'s - Black with light colours. The reserve had a sign showing a few of the species - Ceylon Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Glassy and more. I tried harder to take photos of each one I saw.
Species: Tirumala limniace (blue tiger)

John Harvey Photo > Blue Tiger

Great Egg-fly In Bright Light
This is a somewhat shaky identification - I believe the white spots on the wings are either overwhelmed by the blue or just worn off. I have a poor photo of the underside of the wing - it better matches (but still worn) Great Egg-fly.

In this species the male and female don't look anything alike.

Species: Hypolimnas bolina (great eggfly)

John Harvey Photo > Great Egg-fly In Bright Light

White Dragontail
These were quite common in the day - we saw them in both locations, but they never stopped moving! Only late in the afternoon did they stop to feed, but they often kept beating their wings even when they standing on their legs.
Tags: Hong Kong
Species: Lamproptera curius (White Dragontail)

John Harvey Photo > White Dragontail

White Eye In Coral Tree
White Eye In Coral Tree
Species: Zosterops japonicus (Japanese White-eye)

John Harvey Photo > White Eye In Coral Tree

Red Whiskered Bulbul On Coral Tree
Red Whiskered Bulbul On Coral Tree
Species: Pycnonotus jocosus (Red-whiskered Bulbul)

John Harvey Photo > Red Whiskered Bulbul On Coral Tree

Russet Percher
Another species we saw at both the nature reserve and the the butterfly park. Most of the dragonflies you see in BC have entirely transparent wings, some with spots on them. This species is the opposite - opaque wings with transparent spots.

This photo is a composite of two images for depth of field.

Species: Neurothemis fulvia (Fulvous Forest Skimmer, Russet Percher)

John Harvey Photo > Russet Percher

Changeable Lizard Basking
This guy was basking at the top of a waist high bush - he was perfect height for photographs. I expected him to disappear when we got within metres of it, but it was quite patient. The lizard was basking so he was probably cold.
Species: Calotes versicolor (changeable lizard, Oriental garden lizard)

John Harvey Photo > Changeable Lizard Basking

Paris Peacock Feeding
This individual has had a rough life - he is missing parts of his wing. The green dots covering the wings really stand out in direct sunlight.
Species: Papilio paris (Paris peacock)

John Harvey Photo > Paris Peacock Feeding

White Wagtail Leucopsis
On two different occasions I saw this species show up at the foreshore.
Species: Motacilla alba leucopsis (White-faced Wagtail)

John Harvey Photo > White Wagtail Leucopsis

Osprey On Watch
Ocean, Rivers, Lakes, Old World, New World, these birds are pretty much everywhere.
Species: Pandion haliaetus (Osprey)

John Harvey Photo > Osprey On Watch

Common Sandpiper With Reflection
Common Sandpiper With Reflection
Species: Actitis hypoleucos (Common Sandpiper)

John Harvey Photo > Common Sandpiper With Reflection

Saunders Gull
Saunders Gull
Species: Chroicocephalus saundersi (Saunders's Gull, Chinese black-headed gull)

John Harvey Photo > Saunders Gull

White Throated Kingfisher Chased Off Perch
Saunders's gull is apparently a kleptoparasite, it likes to steal food from other species.
Species: Halcyon smyrnensis (White-throated Kingfisher), Chroicocephalus saundersi (Saunders's Gull, Chinese black-headed gull)

John Harvey Photo > White Throated Kingfisher Chased Off Perch

Lone Caspian Tern
There is one Caspian Tern in the middle of the scene. Some cormorants, some of the larger gulls and ducks. The Northern Shoveler is pretty common (green head, large bill) and Eurasian Wigeon.
John Harvey Photo > Lone Caspian Tern

Two Skinks In Woodpile Hg
We saw a total of three skinks in this area. The suspicion is that it is mating time.
Tags: Hong Kong
Species: Eumeces chinensis chinensis (Chinese Skink)

John Harvey Photo > Two Skinks In Woodpile Hg

Pied Avocet
Last year I saw hundreds of these birds skimming the mud - this year only a few dozen. They may have been further out or already migrated to a new location.
Species: Recurvirostra avosetta (Pied Avocet)

John Harvey Photo > Pied Avocet

There were only two of three of these running around close by, but they are quite funny to watch. They plunge that long beak deep into the mud hoping to pull up whatever they eat - they almost look like they are falling on their faces.
Species: Numenius phaeopus (Whimbrel)

John Harvey Photo > Whimbrel

Marsh Sandpiper
There were plenty of Marsh Sandpipers but they were mostly in the deeper mud.
Species: Tringa stagnatilis (Marsh Sandpiper)

John Harvey Photo > Marsh Sandpiper

Oriental Magpie-Robin
These birds would come and go. They aren't setup well for feeding in the mud, but that didn't stop them for getting a meal.
Species: Copsychus saularis (Oriental Magpie-Robin)

John Harvey Photo > Oriental Magpie-Robin

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