Nara With Lunch At Lightning Lake Columbian Ground Squirrel Squeeking Load Out At Cathedral Base Dead Spruce From Lake Lookout Milky Way Over Quiniscoe Lake Claira Found Stump Sunglasses Ready For Hiking Pacific Fritillary Mom Is Taking Flower Pictures Ediths Checkerspot Paintbrush In Rocky Meadow Rock Fields In Meadows Shrubby Cinquefoil In Rocks Milky Way Over Pyramid Mountain Moss Campion Over Rock Diamond Trail Pano Hiking Over The Edge Family Portrait At Top Of Pass Coat Starting To Shed Whisky Jack Checking Me Out Goat With Tuft Of Hair Baby Mountain Goat In Sunrise Tufted Mountain Goat In Early Sun Baby Goat With Collared Mom Packing Up To Go Home Claira Photographing Lupins Happy To Be Out Hiking Lake Of The Woods Pano Female 2 Hiding Behind Tree Young Sheep Looking At Me Juvenile Mountain Goat Lincoln Sparrow Pyramid Lake Pano Western Tailed-Blue Butterfly Paddled To Far Side Of Lake Swapping Front At End Of Lake Spruce Grouse In Low Plants Small Pond Early Evening White Bog Orchid Davidson's Beardtongue Columbine Found The Waterfall White Shooting Star Claira In Hot Tub Family In Hot Tub Mule Deer With Felted Antlers Yellow Marmot On Fallen Log Marmot Eating Plants

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