Lens Flare Walking In Goldstream Park Licorice Fern Growing Out Of Log Claira Wandering Ahead Of The Pack Dad And I With The Girls Kayla And Lexi Dinner Table Five Grandchildren James Doing Ring Around The Rosie Lexi And The Boys Doing Ring Around The Rosie Nara Doing Ring Around The Rosie Lexi Clapping While Reading Book Nara And Marcus Smiling In Doorway Claira And Edna At Boxing Day Party Nara Trumpting On New Chair Claira Kicking Back With Tambourine Claira With Rainbow Stacker Nara Got A Necklace And Jewelery Box Helen Happy With Her Gift Happy Birthday Dad Nara At The End Of ARide Nara Climbing Up The Slope Marcus Watching Nara Paint James Getting Ready For Lunch Claira And Grandma Reading ABook

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