Marcus At The Top Of The Slide Marcus Inside Climbing Tube Nara At The Top Of The Ladder James Trying To Walk Around Puddle James Splashing Into Puddle Nara On The Swing Nara On The Swing With Grandma Behind James Looking At The Cake Lots Of Help Blowing Out Candles Nara Standing With Grey Behind Nara On ARock Outcropping Three Girls At The Top Of The Stairs Marcus Talking To Great Grandma Lexi Portrait James Playing With His Dads Nose Lexi Playing With Her Mom Nara And Grandma Looking At Christmas Tree Nara And Grandma Close To Christmas Tree Justin Lifting Up Marcus Lexi James And Marcus Claira And Lexi On The Couch Grandma With Five Great Grandchildren Kayla And The Christmas Tree Helen And The Girls James And Great Grandpa Claira Sitting With Dress On Walking Down To Find Christmas Gifts Marcus Holding Wrapped Gift Nara Unwrapping ABox Of Lego Claira Confused About Wrapping Nara Trying Her New Pillow With Mom James Rounding The Corner Claira Steering Into The Corner Nara Still Driving Nara Riding Bike James Trying Scooter On Deck Marcus With Scooter James Helping Make Pizza Claira Playing With ASnow Ball Nara And Claira Playing In The Snow Nara And Phillip At Nordic Lodge Claira On Her New Bike Nara Riding Around The Airpark Claira And Edna Looking At Mouse

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