Postman Butterfly Brown Clipper Blue Morpho On ALeaf Claira Taking Photo Nara Out Taking Photos Claira And Grandma Claira And Helen Claira And Her Hand Made Card Girls And Their New Mermaids James And AKnitted Scarf Kayla And Tree Nathan And Tree Justin And Tree Grandpa Blowing Out His Candles Couch Composite Great Blue Heron On Log Nara Lexi Claira Holding Hands Great Grandpa And Three Grandkids Arabella Holding Great Grandmas Finger Great Grandma With Nara And Claira Glass Ball In Christmas Tree Snowman In Tree Setting Out Treats For Santa Claira Wanted To Sleep Next To The Tree Grandma With New Hummel Claira With New Bunny Double Crested Cormorant At Swan Lake Pied Billed Grebe Scaup Females Happy Birthday To Grandpa Grandpa Giving Fiddle Lessons Grandpa Giving Guitar Lessons Claira With Christmas Tree Nara And Helen Sliding Down Helen And Nara Smiling At End Of Slide Riding Up The Belt Claira And Dad Up Nose Shot Claira And Helen At End Of Ride Great Grandpa And Nara Out For AWalk Claira Lexi And Nara On Chair Back Lexi Running Around Corner Arabella In Janets Arms Arabella And Great Grandma Nara Playing Hide And Seek Jessica And Arabella Reading ABook Together

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