Okay This Sucks Post Measurement Nap Mom What Did They Do To Me Mom Gets Skin To Skin Who Are You Exactly Grandma And Baby Grandma Holding Baby Awake And Looking Around Sleeping With Huge Hat Keen To Get Some Bottle After Milk Drunk Sorry Kid We Are Leaving Here And You Have An Older Sister Helen And Claira About To Leave The Hospital Nara Looking In On Claira Claira In My Hand Before Bath Claira In Touching Her Ear Claira Almost Smiling Claira Sleeping On Her Side Claira Held By Theresa Claira Smiling At Grandma Claira In My Hand Claira In The Bath Bucket Claira In ATowel Dad Done The Bath Claira Doing Surprise Claira Smiling On Change Table Claira Has Eyelashes Nara And Claira Nara Smiling Nara And Claira Holding Hands Claira Napping On Bed Claira On Bubble Pillow Claira Looking Out Window

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