Curve of Time in Dock Jan Looking Out The rear deck of the ship Car Transport That first step is a little rough Bald Eagles Eagle Soaring Sea Lions on the Rocks Sea Lions Tide Pool Sandheads Lighthouse Seals on Belle Islands Sea Lions Diving In Cabbage Island Shell's On Shore Tide Pool White Fawn Lilys Open Diane Taking Pictures Chocolate Lily - Fritillaria lanceolata Curve of Time in Bay Zodiak Ride Weathered Rock Gulf Island Forest Peter Shooting Mossy Flowers Red-Flowering Currant - Ribes sanguineum Sunset by Cabbage Island Field on Saturna Pat and Jan Saturna Crossing by San Juan Islands San Juan Lighthouse Mike on Pender Island Sailboat before Sunset Bedwell Harbour Bedwell Harbour Past Sunset Sea Lion Collection Sea Lions on Rocks Curve of Time in Montegue Harbor Marnie and Diane Loading into a Kayak Shell Beach Peter in the Forest Fungus Saltwater Marsh

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