T041 T041A and T041A2 - Three Generations Boats At Beach Pole Pushed Over By Tree Tame Deer In Grass Red-crossShield Bug Two Pole Small House Notched Pole Dogfish Or Skulpin Pole Disappearing Large House Pit Giant Memorial Pole Leaning Over Pole Is Now Nurse Log Eagle Wing Pole On Ground Claira Using Local Furniture Scars From Logging Road Sunset In Bay Orcas With Shore Behind Large Eye Patch Out Of Water Chin Visible Four Orcas Surfacing At The Same Time Lions Mane Jellyfish In Shallows East Limestone Island Sign Nara Eating Huckleberries Nara Standing On Bridge Log Claira On Same Giant Log Abalone Shell On Rock Abalone Shells On Rocks Researchers Return Harebell On Limestone Island

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