Claira Looking Out The Airplane Window Nara Doing Stickers On The Plane Claira And Grandmother And Great Grandfather Claira And Her Great Grandmother Nara And Her Great Grandfather Claira With AMixed Vegetable Stand Claira With The Green Vegetables Claira On The Market Street Nara Pointing Out Dragon Fruit Claira At The Traditional Bakery Claira At The Butcher Claira And Her Great Grandfather Lemongrasss And Other Veggies Oranges For Sale On Mobile Cart Looking Into A Basket Of Pears Nara In Front Of An Alley Nara Eating Peanut Butter Toast In Hong Kong Cafe Ducks To Be Basted Neon Wet Streets And Sunset Skies Streaky Traffic On Argyle Street Claira Hanging Onto Great Grandfather Claira And Great Grandmother At Market Nara Playing On Playground Nara Climbed Up Simulated Rock Wall Nara At The Flower Market Nara At The Bird Market Nara With Crikets For Sale Man Socializing His Bird Pet Store Street Nara Found Nemo Eating Stinky Tofu Over Claira Welcome Home Nara Six Pomegranate Empty Shop Pulling A Palette Jack Cooler Of Kumquat Cooler Of Green Plums Japanese Style Gift Watermellons Grown In The Us Packaged For China Red Cases Of Mangosteen Alley Full Of Boxes Nara Laughing Next To Pomelos Claira Dwarfed By Watermellon Asleep On The Job Thai Durian Waiting For Truck To Load Nara With Flowers In The Background Nara And Claira At Flower Show Nara Claira And Aunt Jenie Giant Flower Topiary Giant Mushroom Flower Sculptures Jennie With Two Kids At Ocean Park Claira And The Jellyfish Claira Theresa And School Of Fish Panda Looking At Us Nara Looking Into Panda Enclosure Claira With Panda Behind Her Helen And Nara In Gondola Nara In Tunnel With Sunburst Behind Nara With Seal Gliding Past Nara With Seal In Tank Double Gondola Claira Sleeping In Gondola Nara With Alan Claira On The Mahjong Table Claira Helping Alan Play Claira With Great Grandmother Claira Talking Mahjong Strategy Tung Wah Museum Hanging Lamp Nara Setting Up Tripod Nara On Climbing Frame In Shadow Of Tall Buildings Nara On Sprongy Nara In Alley Nara On AReal Potty

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