Great Grandparents At Dim Sum My Parents In A Gondola Angela And Linda And My Parents Rising Over The Airport Family In Front Of Giant Buddha Corner Of ATemple Dad At The Giant Buddha Nara And Helen Climbing The Stairs Kids Playing Under The Giant Buddha Everyone At Tai OHeritage Hotel Helen Hails ABoat Tai OHeritage Hotel From The Water Claira Peaking Over The Edge Of The Boat Riding Under The Village Bridge Chinese Dolphin With Bridge Construction Behind Two Dorsal Fins Temple Roof From Bridge Grandma And Claira On Pedestrian Bridge Helen Linda And Angela In Tai O Fish Drying In ABasket Happy Birthday Cake Black Eared Kite Perched Black Eared Kite Turning Sign Maker Brazing Character Outlines Nara At The Brass Store Claira Trying To Feed Her Fingers To ABird Claira With The Big Birds Claira Looking At Eclectus Parrot Sulphur-crestedCockatoo Having Shower Blue-frontedAmazon Pair Nara With Bagged Fish Claira With Tortises Nara With Finding Nemo Fish Both Kids With Crabs Claira And Gold Fish Claira At The Brass Store Claira And Her Great Grandmother Hong Kong Banyan Tree Ferry Terminal In Kowloon Helen With A Mr. Softee Nara Owns The Beach Claira Making Sand Angels Family In The Water Claira And Nara In The Wet Zone The Girls At The Beach Nara Sitting In Wave Nara With Flare On Zebra Sprongy Claira Also Having AGreat Time At The Star Ferry Terminal Peak Tram Coming Into The Station Mom Riding Up The Tram Grandparents And Grandkids At The Peak View From The Peak Great Grandma Winding Up Toy Claira Climbing To Upper Floor Ann Watching The Cliffs Go By Nara Passed Out On The Upper Deck Boarding In Sai Kung Fisheries Boat Crashing Through The Waves Columnar Basalt Cliffs Kayakers Entering Sea Arch Fisherman Pulling Up Net Black Eared Kite Setting Anchor Nara Flying Down The Beach The Boat Grandma And Nara And Claira Looking Back Ghost Crab Burrow Ocypode Cordimana Flying Down The Beach Around The Breakwater Fish Market Sai Kung Claira And Nara Looking At Fishing Boats Kingfisher On A Branch Grey Herons On Gei Wai Photographers In A Blind Marsh Sandpiper Wading Black Face Spoonbill Cormorant Flying By My Parents At Mai Po Lotus Flower At Sunset Lotus Flower Close Up Mitten Crabs Lined Up Spicy Green Beans With Orchid Shanghai Min Steamers Alan And Kat At Shanghai Min Laser Lightshow From Restaurant Bountiful Christmas Tree In Hong Kong Claira Riding The Escalator Nara And Her Great Grandfather

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