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Horne Lake Caves Camping Trip (September 1998)

Our (me (John!)), Mark Johnson, David Schaub,Karen Etheridge,Jeremy Denton, Michael Jones) yearly trip this year took us to Horne lake.  We arrived Saturday morning of September 5th (we met up in Nanaimo) and left on Monday the 7th so it was a pretty short camping trip.  I've broken the web page into three sections - camping, us in the caves and geological features of the cave.

Playing CardsLife In Camp

Hard time in site 10C!  We played a lot of card games in what turned out to be one of the largest camping spots we've ever had.  We were on the mountain side of the road so we didn't have as much light but we didn't have to listen to all the power boats. We arrived in camp around 1pm (having met up and bought food in Nanaimo) set up and four of us rented canoes to tour the lake. 

Mark under RockUs In Horne Lake Caves

The biggest part of this trip was the caving trip on Sunday.  We went to the Riverbend cave - a normally locked cave reserved for guided trips.  We went to the cave entrance at 1pm and stayed in for five and half hours.  The trip involved crawling, rappelling and walking over streams and pools of water.  The cave was pretty cool - 7 degrees C - so be prepared for the cool. 

Lighted CageHorne Lake Cave Formations

The cave has some exquisite formations, and this section goes over what I saw and liked.

If you're going, check out:

Lighted Cage
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Mark under Rock
Person: Mark
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Playing Cards
Person: David, Mark, Michael
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From: John Harvey Photo > John Harvey Photo - Camping > Horne Lake Caves Camping Trip
From: John Harvey Photo > Horne Lake Caves Camping Trip

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