Winds Palace Two Snake Charmers Amber Fort Elephants Coming Up Ramp Gate To Palace Area Detailed Mirror Work Another Mirrored Surface Mirror Work On The Ceiling Marble Arches With Mirror Work Gardens And Two Palaces Cutting New Screens Summer For Water Area Two Palaces And Gardens Riding Elephant In Fort Two Elephants Walking In Fort Tiger Fort Plant In Courtyard Corner With Paintings Larger Scale Walk Up What Time Exactly Little Sun Dials For Zodiak Tallest Observiong Station Me In Front Of Best Accuracy Clock In Which Sign Cenotaph With Bird Overhead Fighting Elephants Marble Circular Stairs Higher View Over Complex Under Dome Detail At Bottom Of Column Fort On Hill Small Building Under Wall Walk Up To Fort Marble Floor Light Into Courtyard The Blue City Clock Tower In Market Yellow And Red In Round Dishes Awning Covered Market Red And White Beam Of Light In Scoop Selling Seed Selling Sweets Picking Vegetables Guy Sewing Selling Crackers Fruit Broken Open Meeting Of Square Tins Grains In Square Tins Clock Tower At Sundown

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