Ice Falls In Shadow Some Random Foot Spa Traditional Street In Takayama Another Sake Tasting Tourist Store Front Sake Establishment Sculpture On Bridge Riverside Kingfisher Home Reflected In Cut Rice Field Tree And Home On Pond Three Homes Together Posing With Snowman Rainbow Trout In Stream Tree Roof Lines House And Smaller Buildings Koy In Rice Field Barn Out In Fields Shirakawa-goValley Mark And Helen In Front Of Valley Homes Beside Hillside Straw Roofline Gassho Homes With Mountains Houses And Stepped Field Fancy Woodwork In Roofline Road Lined With Lanterns Lanterns On Shelf Igloos BBQ In An Igloo Drinks Igloo Ice Bowls Surrounded By Mountains Tending Firepit Eatting Dinner Light Up At Hida Folk Village Torch Burning Away Circular Rice Paddy Red Lit House Our Ryokan With Fresh Snow

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