Lanterns Under Roof Golden Pavilion Late In The Day Helen And In Front Of The Golden Pavilion Golden Pavilion From Side Five Stones In Corner Island Sea Boundary Water Covered Fountain Walking In Kumono Early Spring Garden Plum Blossom Roofline In Sunset Tiny White Fishes Giant Prawn Tempura Artist Sketching Umbrella And Lantern Hallway To Courtyard Cat Incense Burner Dressed Up Walking About Orange And Blue Walking Lantern Lit Hall Blossoms Over Stream Salt In Front Of Restaurant Freshly Washed Sidewalk Walking Into Torii Tunnel Fork In The Road Square Tunnel With Lights On Trees Around Tunnel Wandering Path Sun Breaking Into Tunnel Helen And Mark Breaking In Sponsors Visible Leaving Message Torii Stairs Up Path Stairs Lit By Sun Shrines On The Side Of Hill Lantern In Front Of Shrines Small Birds On Skewers Tour Group Walking Up Pagoda With Two Other Buildings View Over Kyoto Walking Towards Romance Shrine For Love And Good Marriage Elevated Platform Pagoda At Kiyomizu-dera Makeup Geisha Market Food

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