Nara Eating Yogurt On My Backpack Great Blue Heron In The Frost Lone Oak Tree With ACrow Crow Watching Over Ducks Claira In The Stroller Pigeons On Wooden Beam Claira And Nara Upside Down On Disk Swing Claira And Nara On Disk Swing Watching The Kids Before Class Song Time At Start Nara Playing With Star Nara Doing Humpty Dumpty Boat Ride Starting AMat Run Going For ANoodle Boat Ride Doing The Monkey Walk Northern Harrier Ruby Crowned Kinglet Ruby Crowned In The Frost Short Eared Owl Claira And Her First Meal Mom Feeding Claira Her First Meal Nara And The Artic Char Dolphin? What Dolphin? Nara With Red Frogs Bullfrog Floating In Tank Green Tree Snake

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