Rainbow At Pitt Addington Marsh Claira Looking To Throw Stones Claira Out In Lake Kids Coming Back To Shore Nara Out In Lake Walking On Seawall Two Snow Gesse Eating Grass Nara Jumping Between Rocks Claira Jumping Between Rocks Nara With Her Ice Cream Claira With Her Ice Cream Nara Swinging Fists Boats At Dock With Rain In The Distance Happy To Be Outside View From BIrd Hide Even Happier To Go Home Sunrise On Canda Place Small Mushroom On Mossy Trunk Fern Growing On Stump Wide Trail At UBCEndowment Lands Douglas Squirrel On Cedar Tree Nara Walking Over Bridge Claira Taking Photo Of Frost Claira Holding Frosty Leaf Ruby Crowned Kinglet Holding Up Pond Ice

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