Harrier On Fence Post Harrier In Golf Course Rough Song Sparrow Craning Song Sparrow In Tall Grasses Short Eared Soaring Shorted Eared With Feet Visible Short Eared Owl On Power Cable Nara Watching From Dads Shoulders Lions Head Eating Lettuce Pigeon Flying Away Nara Releasing Grain Onto Pigeons Nara Throwing Grain Lettuce Hanging In Rail Spur Alley Bundle Of Lettuce On Douglas Fir Post Lions In Rail Spur Alley Lion Lining Up For Lettuce Hg Naras Ears Covered When Lion Passes Claira Bundled Up In The Stroller Duck Looking For Fingers Two Eagles On A Lookout Tree Two Pintails In Disagreement Claira Portrait In The Window Claira Head Tilted Claira Smiling Running In The Ball Room Nara Sitting On The Balls Nara Knee Deep In Balls Two Hands Three Balls Nara Exiting Ball Pit Nara Eating Cake Nara Putting Crisco On Pine Cone Nara Putting Seeds On Bird Feeder Nara Holding Her Bird Feeder Nara With Packed Bird Feeder Greater Scaups Nara And Helen Feeding The Birds Male Common Merganser Common Goldeneye Male Male Mallards Resolving Dispute Two Mallards In Tight Skirmish Mute Swans Looking For Seed Female Common Merganser Juvenile Coopers Hawk Wings Down Hawking Chasing Crow Out Of Tree Crow And Hawk Side By Side Dive Juvenile Coopers Hawk And Crow In Branches Three Crows Chasing Juvenile Coopers Hawk Nara Soaring With Grandma Claira Sitting With Her Toys Nara In Chinese New Years Outfit Helen With Nara And Claira At The Garden Nara Looking Out Over Reflecting Pond Claira And Nara On The Rocks Claira And Nara With Snake Behind

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