Pomaria At Howe And Pacific Puffed Up Male Annas Puffed Up Song Sparrow Puffed Up Dark Eyed Junko Puffed Up Spotted Towhee Puffed Up Chickadee Puffed Up Male Downy Woodpecker Puffed Up House Finch Girls With Small Snowman Claira Riding Down Hill Nara On Her Scooter Nara Doing Scooter Tricks Claira Riding Water Park Watching Parade Go By Under The Aquabus Nara Pool Side Nara Front Crawl Claira Chasing Teacher Claira Sitting On Mat Claira In Tippy Boat Nara On 7th With Snowball Entrance To False Creek In Snow Fog Kids Smiling With Dragon Ting Behind Kids And Outline Animals Dragon Wrapped Around Ting Moon Gate Lit Up Lit Up Back Walkway Jade Water Pavilion With Lanterns Hg Getting Out Hockey Sticks Four Cousins In Net Nara Chasing Ball James Cheering From The Sideline Claira Playing Tag Nara Playing Tag Marcus Handling The Ball James Handling The Ball Claira With Lights In Background View To Cypress Lions From Grouse View Of Vancouver From Dam Mountain Raven Looking For Handouts Claira Doing Snowplow Claira At Bottom Of Run

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