Claira Grinning In Bathtub Claira Smiling With The Splashes Claira Having AParty Claira Walking At 9 Months Bog Laurel Growing In Leaf Litter Family Of Red Eared Sliders Red Eared Slider Face On Claira Walking On Bridge Over Pond Downy Woodpecker And Pine Siskin Cherry Blossoms Against Maple Tree Cherry Blossoms Growing Near Branch Claira On The Couch With Theresa Claira Has The Remote Control Nara With Her Tongue Out Naras Birthday Ice Cream Cake Naras Sees The Cake Naras Blowing Out The Candle Nara Clapping Nara With Her Umbrella And Doll Clothes Nara Opening Next Gift Common Yellowthroat Helen And Claira On Dike Great Blue Heron Near Brakish Pond Northern Harrier Adult Male Soaring Flat Northern Harrier Adult Male Starting Turn Northern Harrier Adult Male Full Turn Anise Swallowtail On Dandelion Claira In Her Stroller Claira And Helen In The Sun Swimming Claira Blowing Bubbles Claira Knows What Is Coming Claira Inspecting Star Fish Claira Doing Back Float Nara In The Scoop Of AFront End Loader Nara In Bobcat Nara With Backhoe Bucket David And Loren Under Umbrella Noelle Playing In Sand Xander Nara Not Sure About People In Her Kitchen Girls In Naras Kitchen Benjamin Looking In On Halley Stephen And Xander Helen Brining Out The Cake Nara Blowing Out The Candle Nara Clapping After Blowing Out The Candle Benjamin Playing With Toys Xander On The Couch With Beads Nara Still Not Pleased With Kids Playing With Her Toys Abby And Halley Playing With Spiral Claira Holding ABunch Of Ballons Abby Smiling With Mom

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