Claira Pulling On Fish Tail Nara Pulling On Fish Tail Marcus Pulling On Fish Tail Marcus Turning Handle On Display James At Can Sorting Station Claira Next To Canning Line James Assembling Fishing Boat Kids At The Kids Table Claira As AWorker James Opening His Birthday Gift Loren Smiling With Phone Claira Eating Hotdog Abby Playing With Lego Noelle Rebuilding Thomas Noelle And Nara Playing Together Grandma Reading To Four Kids Abby Eating Lunch Marcus Putting Sprinkles On Cookie Noelle Decorating With Pens Xander Ensuring Quality Abby With Supervision Helen Lighting Candles Out Comes The Birthday Cake Nara Super Excited About Cake Nara Blowing Out Second Candle Boys Eating Cupcakes Nara Opening Gifts After Party Is Over Claira Standing With AFinger In Her Mouth Lexi Smiling With Dimples Hot Cross Buns Breakfast Treats Claira Coming Down Stairs Nara Claira And Helen Petting Smudge Claira Putting Her Head Down On Smudge Trillium Nara Walking Up Through Grass Rufous Hummingbird Nara Visiting The New Chicks Kayla Showing Nara AChick Claira And The Chickens Nara And The Chickens Nara Assembling Mag Formers Nara Attaching Squares Lexi Passing Over Piece

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