Claira Riding ATrike Claira Running With Balloons Loren Riding On Fish Nara In The Bouncy Castle Noelle Getting Out Of Bouncy Castle Plates And Balloons Set Out Fruits And Vegetables Serving Nara Blowing Out Candles Table Full Of Kids Eating Cake Nara And Abby At Top Of Slide Claira Nara And Uncle David Six Kids Claira Painting Nara Painting Nara With Bare Feet Claira With Bucket Of Sand Red Rock Crab Glaucous Winged Gull Flipping Red Rock Crab Nara Digging With Shovel At Beach Claira And Helen At The Beach Nara Hanging From Bar Claira On Walkway Nara On Top Of Bar Nara Jumping Off Balance Beam Nara Claira On Teeter Totter Claira Riding High Grandpa Giving Directions Common Camas With Dew Camas Growing In Garry Oak Meadow Arcing Train In Garry Oak Meadow White Fawn Lily With Dew Dense Patch Of White Fawn Lily White Fawn Lily With Yellow Stamen Few Flowered Shootingstar Spanish Bluebells Claira Sitting On The Floor Claira With Airplane Egg Nara Putting Flowers On Her Egg Helen Putting Wavy Line On Egg Claira Adding Black Crayon Mixing Up Dyes Claira Watching Eggs Dye Finished Eggs Drying Nara On Zip Line Claira Breaking Into Egg Nara Eating Chocolate Ice Cream Female Annas Feeding On Red Flowering Currant Marsh Wren With Breath Condensation Marsh Wren On Top Of Cattails Marsh Wren On Tall Reed Nara Brushing Goat Brushing Brown Goat

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