Claira Holding Onto Climber Claira Climbing Internal Ropes Claira Reaching To Come Down Nara Running Over Bridge Nara Planting Bok Choy Claira Digging Trench Covering Over Seeds Nara Picked Radish Nara And Kids Doing Dip Netting Damselfly Nymph In Tub Turtle Too Big For The Nets Nara Doing Dip Net Claira With Her Net Dragonfly Nymph With Common Backswimmer Conference Centre Pano Great Blue Heron Off The Dock Columbia And Keefer Pano Chinatown Plaza Inukshuk At Dusk Inukshuk Lit At Twilight Claira Walking In Trout Lake Claira With Balloons Helen Brining Out Clairas Cake Four Spotted Skimmer On End Of Reed Eight Spotted Skimmer Photographing Butterfly Fail Koy At The Dr Sun Yat Sen Garden Meadow Hawk Back Looking Meadowhawk In The Eyes Freighters With Light Point Atkinson Lighthouse Claira On Bouncing On Pony Trampoline Claira On Balance Beam Claira On Bouncing On Trampoline Claira Playing With Rings Claira Getting AFoot Stamp Nara Blowing Bubbles Toward Camera Claira In The Shallows Nara In The Lake Kids Eating Picnic Claira Grinning On Her Bike Claira Sitting On Her Bike Nara Riding Into Sunlight Nara Riding Over Simulated Bridge Claira See Birthday Cake Claira And Nara With Whipping Cream Claira Eating Cake Great Grandma And Claira With Book Grandma Reading The Day The Crayons Quit Chipping Sparrow Took My Grandfather Hiking Fleabane White Bog Orchid Next To Boardwalk Nara With Sitka Valerian Slender Bog Orchid Canadian Burnet Pacific Fritillary On Sitka Valerian Nara Throwing Toss Nara And Claira Playing Toss Game Claira With Her Set Model A Roadster Pickup Great Grandpa Looking At Clairas Drawings

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