Nara Getting Face Paint Butterfly Claira Getting Face Paint Unicorn Claira And Nara With Face Paint Lots Of Static Electricity Claira Hiding From Dad Nara Found Moon Claira Playing Guitar Nara With Ukulele Claira Playing Drums Nara Playing Drums Claira Doing Crafts Claira With Bird Craft Claira Dressed As Plastic Hawaiian Claira Upside Down Claira Bouncing On Trampoline Claira Hoora Claira Getting Stamp Claira Running In Grass Playing Grounders Marcus Running Up Ramp Nice To Have Your Own Goat Looking At Out Of Bounds Animals Young Chickens In Cages Playing On Climber Claira Jumping Claira Legs Crossed Hopping With Cloths Two Scarves Modern Ballet Claira First Slide Of Year Nara First Slide Of Year Having Lunch With Empty Waterpark Nara With Water Hose Claira Got Cold Kids Breaking Out Of Egg Nara Paddling Kids Paddling In Pool Claira Having Fun Paddling Claira Near Stairs Large Crowds At Food Booths Claira With Waffle Nara Eating From Stick Kids With Lit Balloons Claira On Playground Nara On Hot Slide Nara Trying Monkey Bars Golden Princess Eclipsing Seabourn Sojourn Long Line Of Gift Bags Emris Climbing With Balls Claira At Top Of Slide Nara And James Playing Projector Games Claira With Balls In Climber Clairas Number Six Candle Claira With Her Cake Claira Blowing Out Candles Marcus Running In Water Park Marcus Running Behind Spray Eight Spotted Skimmer Focus Stacked Focus Stacked Head And Torso Planning Next Run In Water Park Marcus Drying Off Claira Drying Off

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