Kelp Lace Bryozoan Claira With Stary Flounder Baby Mottled Stars Ochre Star With Wasting Disease Leather Star In Water Looking Under The Big Rocks Saiwash Rock Sunset Nucella_lamellosa Claira And Older Sister In Gown Claira In Grad Gown Claira IWalking To Stage Claira And Tristan On Stage Claira Walking Off Stage Fishing At Berrys Bait And Tackle Watching Fish Come By Sunrise In The Fort Parent Northern Flicker Feeding Child Northern Flicker With Ants Second Night Campfire Dinner Ourside Otentik Lorne On The Grass Nara Feeding Sheep Haley Feeding Goat Goats In Pens Claira Feeding Goat James At The Bottom Of The Slide Marcus Having Fun Nara Reading To Tristan And Claire Claira And Friends Walking Claira Following Nara Climbing Claira Riding Plasma Car Claira Riding With Adriana Emrys And Mina Planning Evan And Nara In Baby Park Williams At The Bottom Of Slidef Claira With Birthday Cake Evan With Goody Bag Claira And Charolette On Big Slide Evan Learning To Drive Fort Langley Campfire At Sunset Claira With Hot Dog Getting Campfire Started Cooking Marshmallows Cooking Marshmallows Over Campfire Noelle Eating Smore Abby Eating Smore David With Wide Angle Lens Lorne Eating S'mores

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