Surveying The Waterpark Claira Reaching Out For Sprinkles Claira With AWall Of Spray Nara Jumping In The River Claira Not Sure About This Xander Arms Out For Water Loren Dressed Up For Water David Lifting Noelle Into Tree Who Is That Under There Loren Trying To Get Into The Tree Noelle Smiling On Tree Branch Noelle And Nara Fishing Noelle Sitting Up Straight Claira Walking In Grass Eric And Xander Biking Home Eric Lighting Candles Jones Family Blowing Out Candles Abby On Jesses Shoulders With His Hat Xander Found The Chocolate Cake Nara Climbing In Playground Haley And Nara Climbing Michael And Julia Claira In AParty Dress Nara Picking Flowers With Howard Abby Blowing Bubbles Abby Looking At Camera Nara Blowing Bubbles Abby Looking At Jesse Abby Taking Photos Of Claira Haley Is Beyond Jins Reach Haley Continues To Climb Claira Playing In The Sand Claira In The Swing Nara In The Swing Nara On The Beach With Stars Nara Digging In The Sand Nara With Starry Flounder Bay Pipefish In Hand Claira Grinning At Park Group Out On Beach

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