Claira With Hose Nara Down The Water Slide By Herself Claira About To Splash Claira Splashed Lorne At Fire Hydrant Nara Jumping Into Foam Pit Nara Climbing Out Of Pit Red Admiral On Sidewalk Bullfrog Covered In Bugs Beaver Lake Full Of Lilies Spotted Towhee On Bridge Song Sparrow Near Seeds Pollinator In Hardhack Cascade Of Green And Red Cascade Of Pinks And Purples Pedestal Of Colour Two Balls Of Texture Four Oranges Three Fans Purple City Wide Shot Red Disks City Wide Shot Walking On The Sand At Spanish Banks Claira Filling ABucket Kids On The High Sand Claira Walking Into Shallow Water Kids On The Sand Banks Orange Winged Grasshopped Banded Alder Borer Banded Alder Borer On Log Bullfrog Floating In Pond Western Painted Turtle Near Rock Wall Trouble Makers At The Beach Playing In The Sand At Willows Beach Blue Dasher On Rolled Up Pond Lilly Dragonfly With Nymph Skin Claira With Bubbles In The Air Nara With Bubble Gun Claira With Bubble Gun Claira And Nara Drawing With Chalk Claira With Sidewalk Chalk Claira Taking Handfull Of Blackberries Claira Blackberry Monster Claira Pulling Her Sister In Wagon Painted Lady On Rock Anise Swallowtail On Walkway Turkey Vulture Circling Mount Doug Trestle Two Kids Funny Grandma And Claira On The Trestle Killdeer In Field Spotted Sandpiper Turning Around Bushtit In Hawthorn Nara Getting A Purple Lizard Claira Getting A Blue Turtle Nara And Claira With Their Face Paint Nara Touching Garter Snake Claira Touching Garter Snake Claira Pulling AKite Nara Flying AKite Nara Watching Her Sister On The Swing Claira On The Big Kid Swing Nara And Grandma Looking At Peacock Claira Brushing Small Goat Nara Brushing The Goats Having Icecream In Victoria

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