CH-149 Cormorant Fly Over Morley On His Tractor David On His Tractor Claira Cold At The Beach On Water Floating Fireworks Sunset And Palm Trees In Fireworks Colour Fireworks Over Barge Detail Of Explosion Red Fireworks With Spectator Face Of Hemigrapsus Oregonensis Chewed On Sand Dollar Walking At Kye Bay Claira On ASwing Claira And Nara Making Monster Faces Nara Blowing Bubbles Claira Blowing Bubbles Jeffreys Shootingstar Pre Sunrise Fog Fog On Early Morning Lake Lake Fog As Sun Rises Sun Burning Off Morning Fog Juvenile Golden-Crowned Kinglet Frosty Drummonds Cinquefoil Watching Video On The Phone Grandma And Two Great Grandchildren Kids With Great Grandparents Four Generations In One Photo Bewicks Wren In Cedar Female Anna Feeding On The Wing House Finch Pair 15 Minutes Of Ascent 16 Minutes Of Ascent 33 Meters 18 Minutes Of Ascent 70 Meters 21 Minutes Of Ascent 113 Meters 24 Minutes Of Ascent 133 Meters 25 Minutes Of Ascent 142 Meters Victory Nara Tired On Way Down American Goldfinch Male Under Shade Claira With Lizzard Face Paint Nara And Claira See Painted Turtle Nara Coloured In Snake Claira Touching Bearded Dragon Nara Touching Bearded Dragon Claira Riding With Training Wheels Nara On Monkey Bars Claira On The Stairs Nara On Swing Colourful Milky Way With Beach Milky Way With Beached Stump Spotting Scope With Meteors Peacock Chick Out With Mom Claira With ABrush Nara On Goat Rock Nara Petting Goat Claira Made AFriend Male Peacock Strutting Damaged Hind Wing Skipper Frayed Wings Ready To Rescue Some Water In The Bucket Colder Than It Looks Harbour Seals On The Rocks Harbour Seals Out Of The Water Stellar Sealions On Rocks Harbour Seal Mom And Pup Pigeon Guillemot In Flight Sea Otter Resting In Kelp Sea Otter Mouth Open Race Rocks From Whale Watching Boat Rhinoceros Auklet Swimming Together Humpback Diving Claira With Blue Balloon Xander Ready With Bubbles Noelle With Bubbles Noelle With Red Balloon Five Kids Trying To Keep Two Balloons Airborne Claira With Red Balloon Blowing Out Birthday Candles Micheal With Cake Mark With Cake Claira Sword Fighting Sword Fighting With Eyes Closed Nara In Shallow Grass Nara With Bright Blue Sky Nice Sand Dollar Shell Lugworm Piles To Mirage Horizon Lugworm Egg Sack And Waste Lugworm Egg Sack Bloodworm On Sample Tray Giant Pile Worm White Bubble Shell On Eel Grass Blur Of Bikers Riding By Peloton Chased By Mc Laren 540 Cutting The Corner Tight Riding Into The Glare Mens Peloton Into First Corner Standing Riding Up Hill Western Tanger Female On Scotch Broom Nara Stepping In Hole Nara On The Beach With Shovel Claira Running In The Ocean Bushtit Gleening Bugs Walking Rocks At Outerbridge Park Grandpa Taking Kids Back In Wagon

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