Nara My Coworker Claira Navigating Time To Make Phonecall Water Lily Along Come Amenda And Balanh Transfering To Kayak Happy In The Kayak Four Kids Outside Arabella With Pink Ribbons Arabella Walking To River Throwing Rocks Into River Four Kids On Log Walking Out With Egg Baskets Going To Chicken House Claira Getting Eggs Nara Getting Eggs Upper Field At Sunset Cloudy Sunset Sky Cardinal Meadowhawk Blue Dragonfly Red Blackberry House Finch In Evergreen Bewicks Wren On Old Branch Dark Eyed Junco Eating Insects Warming In The Sun Starting Picnic Trip Inside Curve Of Kinsol Trestle Flowers Next To Rail Line Kinsol Trestle Covers Sky Nara Passed Under Kinsol Trestle Claira And Her Bike Ready For Bike Ride Claira Driving Nara Frog In Weed Riding Carousel Bird Taking Flight Watching Gorilla Eat The Tiger Approaching Watching Lions Sleeping Giraffe Looking In Hippopotamus Girls Playing On Hippo Statue Penguin Swiming By Nara Walking Into Molly Moons Waffle Irons Cooking Nara With Vanilla Cone Claira With Chocolate Cone Eating Cones Outside Eating Cones Together Nara Playing Shark Tag Claira Playing Shark Tag Dogs And Kids At Sunset Visiting Pony Great Grandparents And Great Grandkids

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