Ferries Doing Pre Show Dance Big Red Burst With City Fireworks On Four Levels Red With Blue Tips Red Burst At The Top Purple Bursts Over Cross Red Bursts Over Barge Effects Large Veil With Barge Fireworks Blue And Wispy Nara Jumping Of Ladder Nara In The Pool Marcus Driving The Tractor In Front Of The Turkeys Nara With Blue Lips Nara Grass Covered Toes Marcus Turning The Corner Marcus Driving The Tractor Marcus Behind The Wheel Allison And Claira Grandma With Claira On Couch Grandparents With Claira Formal Grandpar Holding Clairas Arm Lexi And Alison Lexi Peering Over The Couch Nara In Flight On The Trampoline Marcus Hopping On The Trampoline Marcus In Flight On The Trampoline Lexi Looking At Nara On The Trampoline Marcus And Nara In Front Of The Barn Getting Ready For The Wagon Ride Wagon Ride Down The Hill Wagon Ride At The End Grandma With Lexi Grandma With Claira In Arm Chair Grandma In Arm Chair With Claira Nara Standing On Grass Nara On Step Planning Nara Has Landed Inari Gyoza And Red Bean Cakes Hot Sauce Soaking Up The Wood Nara Running In The Rain Nara Inspecting Her Shoes Water Curtains As Backdrop Short Fountain Of Drops Running Away From Large Fountain Hand In Short Fountain Aunt Lillian With Claira Janet And Claira Nara And Daddy Lillian Theresa And Claira Lloyd And Claira Jenie And Claira David Jenie And Claira Harvey Side, Three Generations Shum Family Kayla And Smudge In The Field Grandma Feeding Claira Grandma Smiling With ASleeping Claira Nara And Claira On Saturday Morning Water Striders In The Sky SBend Shore With Reflected Tree Shore In The Bottom Right Nara On Bridge To Turtle Island Three Trees On Island

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