Claira Hiding Between Chairs Nara All Sun Screened Up Two Girls With Spraying Water Claira Walking Down The Boardwalk Nara With The Rainbow Where Is The Water Claira Found The Sand Pit Claira Playing With Dirty Water Claira Splashed From Top To Bottom Claira Head Tipped Claira Both Eyes Focused Nara Claira And The Grandparents Harvey Shum Family Portrait On The Beach Claira Eating A Rock Nara Bringing Apples To The Turkeys Three Apple Carriers Nara Pushing Apple Into Enclosure James Watching The Turkeys Claira Is About Turkey Height Lexi And Jessica Kayla Tickling Marcus Marcus With The Jumping Girls Claira On Tampoline Lexi Stomping On Trampoline Dahlias On The Tables Grandparents With Giant Cake Grandparents Holding Hands To Cut Cake James And Justin Walking Keira On Sonias Shoulder Marcus Kissing Grandma Nara And John On Teeter Totter Hg Bonapartes Gull Nara And Claira Sitting On Log California broomrape Nara On Too High Slide Helen And Claira At The Swings Laying Chicken In The Grass Nara Walking Over To Chickens Jessica Playing With Lexi

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