Nara Walking Along Log Jumble Claira Climbing Rocks Claira Smiling With Mom Claira Climbing Log Jumble Mom And Claira Climbing Net Nara Really Climbing Trees Nara On The Zip Line Claira On The Zip Line Picnic At Vandusen Looking Into Cypress Pond Kids Running Through Van Dusen Great Blue Heron Hunting In The Lillies Fall Colours With GBH Two Pink Flowers Stacked Chickadee Looking For Sunflower Seeds Honeybee Looking In Flowers Nara Coconut On High Bar Swinging On Low Rings Mickey Mouse Rings On High Rings Nara Coconut On The Low Bar Nara On The Parallel Bars Standing In The Sand At Locarno Beach Claira Splashing With Her Bucket Claira Point Out To Nara Nara With Handfull Of Soft Sand Nara Using Sand As Lotion Check It Out Cocaine Cowboy Tagged Bulk Car Also Tagged Bulk Carrier Stop Writing On This Wall Rollerblade Stormtropper Girl Nico And His Back Tattoo Tags In Gastown Micro Tags On Wall Climbing Up To Do Coconut Claira Doing A Crab Walk Claira Flying High On Trampoline Claira Swinging On Lower Rings Claira Dropping Off Rings Nara Standing In The Ocean Nara Pushing ALog Up The Beach Claira Using Seaweed For Her Bucket

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