Snowbirds Pretending To Be Bigger Airplane Snowbirds Fan Over City Snowbirds Weaving Over City Three Bursts Over City Gold And Blue With The City Behind Veil With City Sailboat With Wide Fireworks Kids With Sea Lion Swimming By Sea Lion Upside Down Pipefish In Eel Grass Clown Fish In Anemone Bats Flying Around Fruit Water Lily Claira With Violin Claira With Trumbone Nara With Guitar Claira Touching Sunflower Walking Through Maze Eating Popcorn On Tractor Waiting For Performance To Start Chamber Music At Van Dusen Grandkids At Night Market Serving Squid Rings Helen With Stinky Tofu Holding Sea Urchins Sea Urchin Feet Out Clairas Small Urchin Bunching Jellyfish Reflected Under Statue King Gentian Walking Along Boardwalk Bog Orchid Stacked Great Burnet With Butterfly Butterfly On Log Stop To Smell The Fireweed Marcus With Apples For Turkeys Grandkids With Apples Cousin David Providing Leadership Overloaded John Deere Trailer Full Of Great Grandkids Picking Grass From Trailer Kaylee Feeding Ponies Arabella Running Boys On Back Of Tractor Claira And Lexi Playing Dolls Working Together To Get Apples Grandfather Reviewing Photos Kaylee About To Throw Ball Kaylee Smiling Kaylee Feeding Pony Grass Claira With Pony Portrait Of Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture Looking Over Shoulder Juvenile And Adult Turkey Vulture Putting On Show Wild Turkeys In Yard Keira And Kaylee On Porch Keira And Chrissy Nara With Hand Drill Claira Laying Out Deck House Claira Using Hand Drill Nara With Two Masted Ship Claira With House Boat Nara On Pony Nara Walking Around Loop Claira Walking Around Loop Claira Petting Baby Chicken Claira With Dragon Nara Doing Dragon Puppet Show Claira On Throne Claira With Cotton Candy Claira Fishing On Dock

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