Starting Bike Ride Nara Showing Off Tricks Filling Bag At Rock Show Claira Preparing For Cold Claira Done Ride Claira On Slide Nara With Water Wall Claira With Hose Kids With Bunny Ears Nara Preparing For Landing Nara Flying High Nara On Swinging Bridge Nara Zipping By Claira Smiling On Zipline Claira Start Of Ride Nara Swinging Between Grips Claira Walking Elevated Trail Girls Sitting In Tree Watching Ice Cream Being Made Claira With Her Treat Ice Cream Treat Nara With Treat Inflating Nara Capsule Claira Trying To Run Girls Seperated By Distance Nara Having Fun In Pool Claira Coming Out Crowd At Market Whipped Cream For Fried Cookie Dough Claira Eating Treat Nara With Watermellon Drink Corner Of Market Moms Seafood Cracker Claira Climbing In Net Nara Climbing In Net Motion Blur Bubbles Bubbles With Climbing Net Claira Riding Her Bike Nara On Her Scooter Riding Granville Island Plaza Pano Downtown Movie Screen View Over Valley Crack Mined Out Zakwaski Mountain Mormon Fritillary On Pearly Everlasting Fireweed Red Elderberry Grasshopper Vein Of Agate Small Pieces Of Agate With Chisels Bear Eating With Youth Roadside Oxeye Daisy Namesless Pond

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