Waiting For Wedding To Start Julie Walking In With Nathan Walking In Dropping Flowers Jessica Walking In With Mom And Brother Girls Waiting To See Parents Happily Married Holding Bouquets Post Paperwork Claira With Fancy Dress Pulling Apples Off Tree That Apple Is Tart Claira With Apple Duncan Deane And Stella In Shade Marcus And Jeff On Steps Claira Found Stream Chasing Small Fish In Stream Marcus In The River Chickens Come To Visit Kids Running Down To River Nara And James Walking On Trees James Standing On Fallen Tree Lexi Watching River Claira Back In River Running To Next Target Playing Tag In Orchard Playing Tag At Sunset Marcus Running By Nara Running By Playing Apple Tag Hard Four Kids Running Down Trail Walking Old Road Woodpecker Eating Mullein Boardwalk In Forest Slugs With Eggs Walking In Sea Grass Shallows Sand Dollar In Clairas Hand Running On Mud Hanging Out In New Tree Fort Claira Looking At Wax Paper Claira Caught Butterfly Northern Flicker Paddle Tailed Darner Chestnut Backed Chickadee Common Wall Lizard Skipper On Lavender Dad Biking In Front Claira On Zipline Nara Helping Claira With Monkey Bars Nara Hanging From Monkey Bars Nara On Zipline Ready For Bike Ride Home

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