Never Ending Water Lilies Wilsons Warbler Wait Here For The Ferry Dock For Ferry And Pleasure Boats Nest Boxes For Purple Martins Three Sandpipers In Shallow Pond Running Along Shore Great Blue Heron Alighting Claira Running In Shallow Water Shallows Connecting Spit Seagulls Dont Like Us Some Beach Performance Walking Out Further Old Pilings Yellow Sand Verbena Large Headed Sedge Light At End Of Island Kids Wrote Their Names Walking Back To Island Helen Taking Panorma Lunch At Picnic Tables Arbutus Trees On Sidney Island Out For Short Hike Giant Sized Cottonwood Tree Taking The Ferry Back Starting Ride Riding Through Park Clover Point Coming Into View Bikes At Far Point Of Ride Kite Surfer At Sunset Wispy Clouds On Ride Back Front Light Flare Claira Taking Break Lights Blooming Nearing End Near Dark Setting Up Blocks Smart Number One Learning To Be Photographer Beau Taking Photos Bacon On Grill Which Block To Pull Next Maybe Not That Block Keira With Her Art The Morning Run Walk In The Field With Grandpa Tattoo Time Minecraft Unleashed Maria Chrissy And Andrew Claira With Corn Husks Nara Fetching Eggs Arabella With Eggs Arabella Putting Egg In Basket Lexi With Egg Nara Finding More Eggs Claira Looking For Eggs Lexi Looking For Eggs Nara And Claira On Ferry Ferry Coming Into Fulford Harbour Fruit In Small Paper Bags Snacks At The Market Onions And Radishes Tomatoes Bundles Of Chives Eating Snacks Under Arbutus Clouds In Forest Burgoyne Bay To Sansum Narrows Grandparents And Grand Kids Family On Rock View From Car Seat Snack Table Playing Badmonton Mackenzie Sees Kaylee Mackenzie And Janet Beau Number One Beau And David Beau Chewing Finger Mackenzie With Audience Claira The Baby Watching Pancakes Being Made Farmer David With Beau Julie Having Breakfast Table Setting Little Thumb Time Kaylee Running In Field Riding In The Bucket Beau Driving From Lap Impromptu Apple Lift Kiera With Apple Kaylee Getting Boost David Eating Apples Claira Wants To Drive As Well Kaylee And Claira In Another Bucket Kaylee And Claira Lifted In Bucket Kaylee And Claira Top Of Lift Nara Actually Driving Tractor Throwing Water Toy Kaylee Running With Water Marcus With Water Toy James Throwing Water Toy Nara Claira Running Away Little Face Wash Claira Playing Water Bin In Play Beau And Andrew With Tractor Helen And Jessica Lunch Table Andrew And Chrissy Arabella With Pinwheel Sunflower Justin And Kaylee Claira And Kiera Tractor Heading Out Tractor Into Lower Field Lexi With Tools Following Trail Of Hints XMarks Spot Not Approved Saftey Equiptment The Skiff Arrives Claira With Dirt On Face Opening Treasure Chest Whole Family Mallard Family Burns Family Julie And Family Harveys And Grandchildren Janets Direct Family Babies Always Steal The Show Maria And Family Helen And Family Chrissy And Kayla Williams Family Diana Plus Parents Grandfather And Three Daughters Kayla And Chrissy David And Jeff Adults Playing Water Games Turkey Ham Three Pitchers Of Gravy Jeff Diana And David Mackenzie With Jennifer Nathan And Tegan Early Evening Ride Marcus Learning To Drive Tractor Asking For More Dessert Kaylee Likes Dessert Nara Claira And Phillip Keira With Egg Kids In Hen House Tent At Sunset

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