Parent Sandhill Crane Baby Mallard Hiding In Plants Kids Feeding Ducks Sandhill Crane Family On Docks Baby Jumping Into Shallows Dragonfly On Reed Claira Hand Feeding Red Wing Blackbird Kids Alone On Docks Morning Rainbow Cardinal Meadowhawk In Grass Ponds At Williams Beach Beach Towers In Sand Nara Found Sugar Kelp Crab Gets Its Revenge Penpoint Gunnel Diana And Marcus Climbed Tower Kelp Crab Nara And Claira Climbing European Skipper Nara Taking Picture Of Victoria Nara With Grandma On Mount Douglas Nara With Grandma On Rock Coming Down Trail Arbutus Over Road Claira Discovers Its All Splash Zone Trial Island Lighthouse Immature Rhinoceros Auklet Rhinoceros Auklet Flying Pelican Jumping To Rock Heermanns Gull In Numbers Brown Pelican At Top Of Rock Sea Lions Looking For Top Spot Face To Face Disagreement Tight Packed Family In Front Of Home Harbour Seal Out Of Water Marbled Murrelet Small Orca Antena On Trial Island Rocketing Past Dallas Road Three Cruise Ships Behind Breakwater Three Cruise Ships From Channel Snacks Table No Mercy Connect Four Rankeillour Reunion 2022 Blueberries For Pancakes The Big Rainbow Ball Taylor And Shonna Beau With His Bear Mackenzie With Orange Slices Jeffries Kids Out Walking Keira On Field Claira Found A Cricket James Found Breakfast Beau On Strider Bike Lexi And Claira Colouring Marcus Out For Walk Nara Learning To Drive Tractor Turning Tractor At End Of Field Sitting On Old Well Instruction On How To Drive Tractors Marcus Driving In Lower Field James Driving In Upper Field Two By Four Jenga Kayla Driving Tractor Beau With Tractor Shona And Mackenzie Kaylee Learning To Drive The Fishing Challenge Egg Spoon Challenge Arabella With Egg On Spoon Marcus Power Walking Egg James Adding Speed Marcus In Sack Race Arabella In Sack Race Claira Doing Hula Hoop Smallest Kids At End Of Race Prize Chest Marcus With Bubbles Blindfolded Fishing Making Seniors Go Fast Diana Egg Carry Challenge Potato Sack Racing Hula Hoop Challenge Everyone Hula Hoops Beau The Robot Jeff Showing How To Relax Beau On ATV Arabella Out For Ride Two Kids Out For Ride Beau Shoulder Ride Packing Dinner To Go Dinner In The Lower Field Sunset Lighting Nathan Justin And Taylor Sunset Lighting Nathan Shelton And Kevin Preparing Kite For Launch Taking Kite Out For Run Trying To Find Wind Julie And Her Kids Jessica And Family Lloyd And Janet Grandma And Some Grandkids Maria And Two Daughters

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