Claira With The Fire Hydrant Hose Claira And Nara Have The Whole Waterpark Nara Cleaning Out The Waterslide Just Not Tall Enough Nara And John On The Waterslide John And Nara Finishing The Slide Red Brested Nuthatch Eating Peanuts Eurasian Collared Dove On Rail Douglas Squirrel Mother Nara Blowing Dandelion Claira On The Tall Swing Nara Under The Climbing Net Nara On The Zip Line Claira On The Zip Line Orb Weaver On Web Nara Climbing Tree Nara Looking Into Pond Me And My Daughters By The Sunflowers Sunflowers Backlit Beans Picked For The Feast Table Of Various Squashes Claira In The Field Of Flowers Claira With Brown Eyed Susans Nara And Claira Under The Pier James Digging In The Sand Claira With AShell In Her Hands Claira Sitting In APuddle Four Grandkids On The Beach Marcus Walking With ABucket Nara And The Hole She Dug Claira Eating Sand Marcus Swinging ABucket Marcus Caught ACrab Nara Hanging From Bar Nara Smiling On Playground Nara Coming Around SBend Nara Doing Tricks On Her Bike Nara And Claira Walking Around Lake Claira And Nara At Pitch And Put Ring Billed Gull

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