Naras Photo Of Claira Nara Pouring Black Helen Peeling Back The Light Pink Claira Helping Out Too Claira Pouring The Light Pink Sand Haley With Face Paint Jesse Helping With Sand Abby With Face Paint Nara With Watermellon Popsicle Kids With Watermellon Popsicles Savannah Sparrow Black Oystercatcher Calling Warning Hotel Europe Water Street With Lights In The Trees View Down Abbott Street Garter Snake In The Leaf Litter Claira Trying The Scorpion Claira With Tarantula Bald Eagle With Fresh Caught Salmon Cormorants Watching Police Boat Go By Male Wood Duck In Reflected Water Wood Duck Stack Wood Duck Shot Into The Light Kids At The Gate Of The Ting Inside The Ting On The Rocks With Ting Behind Funny Faces On The Cement Seats Standing Tall In The Bamboo Grandma With Grandkids And Cake Everyone Blowing Out The Candles Nara And Helen On Hay Ride Claira Riding On Hay Bales Nara Claira And Helen On Hay Ride Kids Pushing On Pitch Fork Pulling Potatoes Out Of Ground Claira Standing In Candle Lit Labyrinth Moon Lantern At The Start Of The Parade Yards Lit With Lanterns Vulture Costume At Street Corner Boat Lanterns On Still Creek Ghostly Kids Standing Around Lanterns Tree Lit Up By Lanterns Band Playing Amoungst The Trees Artificial Logs Under Trees Paper Bag Lantern Next To River Crowds Watching Lanterns Nara Holding Her Lantern Salmon Lanterns Over Still Creek

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