Great Blue Heron With Morning Fog Northern Harrier With Feather Caspian Tern Skimming Water Caspian Tern Looking For Fish Common Merganser Juvenile With Crab Common Merganser Repositioning Crab Loren Playing Uno Loren And Abby Playing Noelle And Haley Playing Uno Playing Uno By The False Creek Community Centre Inter Game Roll Down Hill Having Ice Cream With Grandma Chester Looking At Kids Jellyfish Gliding Nara With Two Fingers Nara With Fingers On Back Nara Looking At Preening Sea Otter Bats Eating Fruit Claira With Thumb On Hose Claira With Pancake Breakfast Outside Dressed For Temple Keira And Sonia Bridesmaid Chrissy Shauna And Her Parents Walking Around The Temple Claira Praying For Longer Hair Someday This Will Be AHabit Nara Likes Pokey Hair Up For Trim Claira Okay With Hairdryer Getting Bangs Trimmed Nara Hair Wash Out Claira Bangs Trimmed Claira Curled Hair Claira Looking In Hand Mirror Sonia Walking Down Aisle John And Helen Keira With Her Elsa Doll Justin And The Grooms Choice Kaylee Maria And Daughters Perogies With Sour Cream And Bacon Glamor Shot 1 About To Kiss Jennifer And Kayla Wedding Cake Table Settings Kayla And Justin Justin And Nathan Diana And Jeff Duncan Making Speech Dancing

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