Claira Feeding Ducks Claira On Swing Hair Catching Sunlight Nara Stretched Four Rings Nara Leaning Out Four Kids On The Rotator Starting To Spin Kids On Top Of Climbing Wall Nara And Marcus Running Happy Birthday Grandma Bridges At Start Of Hike Claira Running To Catch Up Standing In Shallows Claira Picking Up Crab Claira Pretending To Eat Crab Wading Out To Sandbars Walking On Sandbars Nara Doing Handstand Claira Ready To Go Half Of Metchosin Farmers Market Claira With Knitted Gloves Lorquins Admiral On Leaf Barred Owl Looking Down Tree Frogs On Blackberry Leaves Skin Details Two Frogs On Leaf Adding Dye To Shirt Shirt Dyed In Sectors Looking For Beach Glass Plantago_maritimaOn Rocks Claira In Sunlight Grandama With Grandkids Claira With Still Bundled Shirt Nara With Her Shirt Kids With Their New Tie Dyed Shirts Claira And James Playing On Rotator Two Yellowlegs With Dowitchers Claira With Redwing Blackbird In Hand Golden Crown Sparrow Blackbird In Hand House Sparrow Female House Sparrow

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