Kids With Opinions Everyone Is Tall Enough To Slide Nara Levitating Us On Elevated Walkway With Art Family Out For Walk Peeling Arbutus Nearing End Of Boardwalk Multi Story Spiral Kids Walking Up Spiral Roughly Half Way Up Kids Laughing At Slower Family View From Top Of Malahat Skywalk Standing On Adventure Net Marcus Giving Nara Push View Of Adventure Net Grandma Arrives On Carpet Claira Making Video Marcus Riding Down Helen Also Taking Video Grandpa And His Binoculars Sun Shining Through Malahat Skywalk Kids Found Playground Happy Birthday Cake Road To Telescopes Telescope Building At Dominion Astrophysical Observeratory Telescope And Counterweight Lanterns Along Walkway Kids Near Doorway Pond In Public Part Of Park Wooden Screen With Carvings Moon Gate At Garden Edge Of The Pond Lion Dance Group Smiles With Dancing Lions Lion Flying Meeting Of Three Lions Nice View Of Teeth Two Lions Close Eating Ice Cream With Ting Ting At Sunset Taking Photos Of Lanterns Outside Garden Classic Boat Festival Sign Dinghy With Cane And Rear View Mirror Claira Looking At Little Fish Silver Tea Set On Back Deck Small Cannon On Front Deck Dragon On Bow Tall Ship With Empress Behind Nara And Claira On Canada Sign Kids With Grumpy Faced Stump Stump With Attitude Claira Sitting On Cedar Tree Limb Bridge Over Small Stream Walking Up Stairs Vetch Peas View Down Beach Turkish Towel Kelp Red Kelp River Otter With Mouth Open River Otter Looking To Shore Sandcut Creek Hitting The Beach Monkey Flower Growing Below Waterfall Helen Is Above Everyone Else Kids Streching Over Streambed Streamside Daisies Maidenhair Ferns Below River Course Liverworts Hiding Under Waterfall River Otter High On Rock River Otter Resting On Rock Common Loon Non Breeding River Otter Returning To Ocean Taking Photos Of River Otter On Rock Walking Back Over Zig Zag Bridge Nara Looking At Butterfly Butterfly On Fingertip Walking To Sheringham Point Lighthouse View Of Kelp Forest Stairs Below Lighthouse Arriving Just Before Sunset Bee Lantern Mushroom Lantern Three Inverted Pyramids Star Above Jar Lanterns Tallinstrument With Dancer Fence Post With Lamps Green Tall Instrument Musical Performance In Clearing Crowd Under Lanterns Acordian Lanterns On Tree Fancy Lanterns On Walking Sticks Water Cycle Display Water Drop Lantern Stump With Wicker Baskets Claira Chasing The Cresent Moon Butterfly Net On Shadow Screen Whaling On Shadow Screen Giant Moon Lantern At Entrance Claira With Moon Lantern

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