Claira Lounging In Tube Claira Feeding Herself Yogurt Claira Reaching For The Elevator Button Claira As Tall As ABrussel Sprout Claira Walking With Big Leaf Claira On The Metal Stairs Claira With AFall Leaf Claira Coming From Behind Chair Maple Trees Outside Gate Silhoutte Tree Trunk Claira And Nara At Waters Edge Reflected Trees In Bright Spot Boletus Mirabilis In The Moss Dad Nara And Claira On Bridge Reflected Lanterns With Fall Colour Trees Island With Fall Colours Behind Nara In Bright Spot Of Gazebo Nara Jumping Off ARock Claira Dressed As An Ape Nara As Ballerina Nara And Claira In Costume Claira Still Running To Dad Claira Running To Dad In Garden Slowly Swirling Water Bright Red Maple Tree Over Pond Out Picking Pumpkins Nara With Pumpkin In Hand Claira With Grandma At Beach Claira With Bucket On Beach Reflected Bright Trees Paddle-tailed Darner Nara On Balance Beam Nara Yelling From Bridge Nara Looking To Be Chased Nara Catching Fish Nara And Grandma Looking At Baby Pigs Grandma Nara And Claira Nara Brushing Goat Nara Brushing Brown Goat

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