Nara On ABike Claira Laughing On The Deck Four House Sparrows Eating Late Blackberries Nara And Claira On The Bridge Claira Running Toward Dad Claira On Big Girl Swing Nara Near The Top Of The Climbing Gym Long-Billed Dowitcher Chickadee Pulling The Stuffing From A Cattail Claira With A Hand Full Of Seeds Nara Hanging Onto The Zip Line Grandma At The Top Of The Hillside Slide Grandma And Nara At The Bottom Claira On The Disk Swing Helen And Claira Petting AGoat Grandma And Nara With AGoat Family Portrait At The Petting Zoo Claira Happy About The Goat Nara And Claira Standing On The Stumps Nara On AClimbing Tree Nara Looking At ABeater Nara Licking Off Whipped Cream Nara And Her Art Project Claira Mixing Waffle Batter In Front Of Fall Colours Nara Pulling The Wagon Shaggy Mane Family Wild Carrot Gone To Seed

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