Long Billed Dowitchers In Flight Long Billed Dowitcher Claira Found Caterpillar Pair Of Greater Yellowlegs Northern Harrier Hunting Over Marsh Great Blue Heron Showing Rule Of Thirds Immature Hooded Merganser With Fish Ruby Crowned Kinglet In Bush Ks And Ones Girls Starting Nara Running In Pack Nara Crossing Finish Line Scooting On The Seawall Scooters At Ocean Edge Cool Kids At The Jelly Bean Finished At Cambie Street Bridge Nara Warm Up Lap Grade One Handoff Nara Flying Nara With Orange Toque Nara Arriving For Relay Grade 1 Girls Start Three Tenyson Girls Finishing Great Blue Heron Eating Starry Flounder Nara Releasing Dark Eyed Junko Kids In Mermaid Costumes Nara Claira Eva Charlotte Claira Doing Bean Bag Toss Tombstone Display Walking Down Steps Pumpkins On The Stairs Walking Through Decorations Single Pumpkin

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