Claira Chasing Dad Grandma And Her Grandkids Nara With Umbrella Claira In The Rain Mossy Rock Nara Standing In Fog Trees In Fog Thanksgiving Table Decoration Nara Does Not Like Brussel Sprouts Thanksgiving Table Set Smiling Pumpkin Bridge Hanging Out With Witch Lit Pumpkins On Wall Malm Family Walking Nara Single Track Riding Claira With Fall Colours Girls Planning Their Route Speckled Light At The Beach Nara With Reflected Bike Claira With Reflected Bike Nara Jumping Out Of Tree Freighters Before Storm Kids Walking On Rocks Walking On Rocks At Cattle Point Claira Pulling Nara On Bull Kelp Nara Warm Up Claira Warm Up Claira Launch Nara Launch Nara Swinging At Playground Claira Swinging At Playground Chris Giving Cheer Find Claira Challenge Claira Finishing Race Claira Got Place Ribbon Nara Starting Race Nara Finishing Race Claira Zoe And Nara Coming Down Stairs Walking To Next House Pumpkin Trick Or Treat Decoration Pumpkin On Stairs

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